True Care is an Internal Medicine and Nephrology clinic aiming to provide the highest quality health care in a sensitive, discreet and caring environment - We practice "Old Fashion Medicine" - where patients' health and concerns TRULY come first

Our Mission

Patient Care

We worry about your health, so you don't have to! True patient care requires diligent communication between the labs, the specialists whom you have visited, your own feedback and our office. We're not just in charge of your health, but also in charge of managing all that information into simple reports that we can share with you. We're always here to answer your questions and to get the information that you'll need to live a stress free, healthy and energetic life.

What is Preventive Medicine?

In the old days Doctors reacted to disease only AFTER it became apparent. Today, we aim to slow or even stop many conditions before they have shown any symptoms. At True Care Medical we believe in early diagnosis of illnesses such as: Cardiovascular disease through blood pressure, diet, exercise, blood fat (lipid profile) and blood sugar (Glucose) monitoring. We also test for bone density and encourage exercise and vitamin intake to delay the onset of Osteoporosis. We also follow up with our patients on many specialist screening tests such as breast mammograms and Pap smear for women and prostate exam for gentlemen. We remind our patients of their Colonoscopy examination and follow up on their eye exams. Medicine is no longer about just treating the illness, but to help prevent future ones; and at True Care we are accomplishing both.
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